Thursday, November 27, 2008


So this Thanksgiving, I am giving thanks for two things.
  1. The internet Gods have seen fit to grace this very small town in upstate New York with high-speed internet. And my parents for having the strength and forethought to install it so that I might come up here more often.
  2. My friends and family. Edna Buchanan said "Friends are the family you choose." I have chosen very well if I do say so myself. If you can judge yourself by the company you keep, then this day I am truly thankful.
Hope everyone has a turkey coma.


Anonymous said...

I watched the Macys day parade in New York today. I bet days like these you miss working for the public safety group.

Anonymous said...

Right back at you! We enjoyed your stand up comedy routine!

Anonymous said...


Hero to the Masses said...

I thank you all. And I worked the parade twice. I don't miss that parade. A lot of geo-spatially challenged privleged people with their children in tow.

maikib said...

i liked the perks of knowing a cop on parade day-- esp. the blowing up of the gigunda balloons at the natural history museum the night before.