Saturday, August 26, 2006

Elusive Lyrics

I can't hear lyrics in songs. It's not that I'm a melody guy either. A friend pointed out that the song I wrote about below was "sad." I had no idea. I can hear words, and generally repeat them in tune. This leads people to incorrectly think that I know the lyrics and I get them. Not true.

This leads to problems when I tell people, usually girls , how much I like a certain song. Then they listen and start weeping when the song's lyrics have to do with a guy who's not really in love, but faking it. Or a girl who's boyfriend cheats on her and leaves her.

It might come from singing a cappella and therefore just singing "doom doom ba da doom" in most songs. I can pick out the percussion part, and the bass line. But those mournful lyrics pouring out of the singer's mouth? Natch. Like the teacher in Charlie Brown.


maikib said...

oh you jerk-- you totally stole my blog topic for today. i am still incredulous as to how you don't hear lyrics... but i now get why you-- and most, don't understand my obsession with Sting. that being said, i polled folks tonight about the whole lyric thing, and the result was that the men didn't listen to lyrics (just to the music and beat) and the women did (except jen). of course you can't gendertype across the board, but it makes sense. men can't multitask.

Anonymous said...

Graham, I struggle with the same thing! I also think it's a result of a cappella, I got so trained to listen to the upper guitar part, or the funky bassline, or the weird thing the drummer does in the third verse-- the melody and lyrics become an afterthought. I notice them about the 8th time I hear a song, after I've arranged the entire thing in my head.
I miss Erin too.