Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Okay...I'm sexist

So I'd like to poll the audience and see what their opinion is on a subject that seems appropriate for this incredibly hot day.


Those are sandals worn by men. Please see the above photo, if you need further clarification. I don't know the foot in the photo. My roommate, Jeff, sports the mandals. I don't know what it is about them, but it weirds me out. I think feet in general are more functional than fashionable. Especially men's feet.

Here's where the sexist part comes in. I don't have a problem with open-toed shoes on women. Mostly because they have cuter feet it seems, or at least they take better care of them than most guys. I wear sneakers or dress shoes....maybe boots in the winter. Ya know just because it feels good, doesn't mean that makes it okay. I'm sure walking around naked probably is pretty liberating, but due to a number of international and maritime laws, I don't do it.

So what gives...Ladies? Germs?


Anonymous said...

Mandals are NEVER EVER okay. EVER. And those are not mandals by their true definition. These are:

The mandal requires a chunky top weave and a sturdy sole to be a true mandal. I am pretty sure Tom still insists on wearing them.

maikib said...

Heehee... international and maritime laws...

But onto the question at hand, they don't really bother me for the most part... but I have to agree that 9 out of 10 men have pretty gross feet. You guys could use a good pedicure.

Anonymous said...

Had to comment on this one...

We in Hawaii wear what we call slippers - or "slippahs" if you want to say it in true Hawaiian style - this is what you mainland folk call "flip-flops." Women, men alike, old and young, that's what we wear day to day. They even have fancy ones that you can almost get away with at work at most places. I think most people would be amazed at the variety here.

Either way, you just have to air out those toes every now and then. Especially when it's hot. Stinky feet are never a good thing.

Anonymous said...

mandals are essential. i hate the look of any other style shoes with shorts.

especially those dumb merrill style mocs that guys wear with socks up to their calves.

maikib said...

see? i told you people in hawaii read your blog.

and sara's comment? amen! socks with shorts... never a good thing.

Anonymous said...

The AC is sporadic in my department so we've been greenlighted to wear shorts at work, and yes, I'm currently wearing Merrells w/socks. I also wear sandals, though I don't know that mine can be considered 'mandals'. Click the link and decide for yourselves. Though I have had pairs of what Nicole describes, and the ladies can't get naked fast enough once they see my toes.

Also, I've had some sort of white toenail fungus for about 2 months now but I've just accepted it as part of my life.

Anonymous said...

Ok, this is how I know deep in my heart I'm an East Coaster: mandals are just not ok. Perhaps if I were to encounter a man whose feet were *not* icky or terrifying it might be ok. Until that day, forgetaboutit.
I live in Hollywood, land of 'every day is casual Friday,' land of 'glitter tubetops are fine at fancy restaurants,' land of 'the more money you make, the more sloppy you dress to prove you've got nothing to prove,' land of 'flip-flops to the symphony? sure!' The horror!

Oy, I need to work on acceptance. Sorry for the rant. What was the question? Oh yeah, mandals=totally not hot.

Anonymous said...

To the tune of the Beatles' "Do You Want to Know a Secret"

ooh ah ooh
I do not know why men wear them
ooh ah ooh
It is very hard to tell
woah oh oh
Toe hair...
Ooh ah ooh
It is just not nice to see
Ooh ah ooh
Cover up those feet for me
Woah oh
I'm so grossed out by you.

Need I say more?

Hero to the Masses said...


I'd like to thank you for your comment. I know it was directed at me. And thank's Mikie for agreeing with her, and thus seconding the fact that I look like a dork. Big props to Momma Allen for writing all the way from the Aloha state.

Anonymous said...

so wait a minute, what is acceptable footwear with shorts then?

I refuse to believe that grown men wear flip flops. Those are for frat boys in Senor Frog's T-shirts and, you know, ladies.

tennis shoes? What if it's unlikely I'll break into a sprint?

Anonymous said...

Flip flops are great! I feel like Tory and I should be the experts in this given that we live in the hot weather year-round states.

Anonymous said...

so wait a minute, what is acceptable footwear with shorts then?

I reject your premise. If he's not in the middle of a basketball game or something, a grown man has no business wearing shorts. Nor mandals. Nor, and I cannot stress this enough, white athletic socks, ever. Jesus. Have we no dignity?

I have no issue with wearing flip-flops/slippers in public in tropical climates. When in Rome and all that.

Anonymous said...

Damn you Steve. Some of us don't have your calf-shame. Though I do agree there is a certain yokelness to wearing shorts constantly, there's also a certain stupidness to not wearing them when it's ridiculously hot.

I sort of like the way my white athletic socks look with my light-weight hiking merrills. And I will continue to wear them, to your mom's house.

Anonymous said...

In the Lone Star State, where the average daily temperature for the last 2 months seems like it has been 101...shorts, sandals, mandals, flips flips, and the like are MORE than accecptable on's de rigeur. I gotta admit, it takes some getting used to - seeing guys in flip flops, but as long as they're not wearing white socks with the sandals, then it's ok. Why wear socks with sandals?! What is the point?! Are you trying to show us that your Tide With Bleach is not quite up to the's just a fashion don't!
Gotta love the regional differences in fashion! :-)