Sunday, August 06, 2006

This is why Japan is better than us

This was found by my old partner Will. I love the Japanese because they really get it. We don't want to watch people just screwing up on reality TV. We want to see them screw up and then get kicked in the balls.

I think losing the war made them better.


Anonymous said...

when you say "my old partner Will" you mean cop-partner or life-partner?

Hero to the Masses said...

Har har....keep studying nerd.

And of course I mean life partner.

(Wraps self in rainbow flag)

Anonymous said...

You are netflixing Brokeback Mountain. Very progressive of you.

Anonymous said...

Cracker, is there something you want to share with your blog community? After 4 years at the most gay-friendly school on the planet, are you only now realizing you have "special feelings" for cowboys and cops?
I support you of course, though will be sad I never took advantage of you before you figured it out. sigh.

Anonymous said...

We liked that here in Miami. Even if you are gay.