Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Bye Bye Miss American Pie

Good Morning sports fans,

I leave today for the South American nation of Paraguay. I begin the journey at 3PM at Logan, and land tomorrow at around 11AM in Asuncion. I got my Paraguay haircut this morning and also picked up some dry cleaning. I've been quite productive.

I'll try and write from down there. I'll be staying here the first few nights. They have internet, so I can try and post some photos and the like. I'll have lots of stories for you guys when I get back.

Let's hope I don't get kidnapped, or eaten by a giant snake. Oh, and Chuck, I promise I'll sit on my helmet so protect the boys. Your thousands of hours of combat time in Hueys have been more valuable to me.



Anonymous said...

Don't leave that hotel. I think when they say that it's in a "privileged" area, they mean, "walls with razor wire protect whitey".

Can I have your Boze speakers?

Seriously though, have a good trip. Who the hell gets Starwood points from Asuncion?

Hero to the Masses said...

I'm hoping they've never seen a Starwood member at the Gold Level. I'll be upgraded to the Dictator's suite. Awesome...

The Ten Angry Men said...

Paraguay? Wow. Enjoy the trip. You'd better be posting updates. Didja bring a camera?

Nic said...
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