Friday, November 10, 2006

Happy Vets Day!

Today is Veteran's Day (Observed) for state workers. The actual day is tomorrow, but I already get that day off, so I obviously need to get an additional one. I haven't done much except laundry and eat Pad Thai, which I'm not sure salutes or honors veterans.

I guess I'm thinking about them, which has to count for something. It's a beautiful day outside and there is Hootie on the stereo in the kitchen. (My roommate's) My weekend is looking busy with some school work and possibly seeing my Little.

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Tory Davis said...

I imagine you're quite tired from your travels; I'm sure many vets are tired from their wars and are doing laundry also today.
I am disrespectfully achieving things today, sigh. Sorry vets.
Have fun with the Little- you actually should be influencing young minds, regardless of what Tom says. *ahem*