Wednesday, June 06, 2007


My apologies for being absent for a few days. The Paraguayans are in town and it's been very long days since Monday. So today, I'm sitting on my couch after a nice long day spent across two states and Red Dawn is on.

This is my friend's Chuck's favorite movie. If you know Chuck at all, you can imagine a little boy that really likes meat sitting in his 6th grade classroom looking outside the windows of Greenfield, MA scanning the skies for Soviet paratroopers. Ahh, he must be the only guy sad he missed the Cold War. Though, he did get driven to school in a stretch limo, in some bizarre private school busing agreement.

A Western Mass example of "Separate but Equal."


The Ten Angry Men said...

Wow. Just finished watching Red Dawn ourselves. Our favorite part is when Patrick Swayze blows that giant snot bubble out of his nose, when he's bawling after executing his best friend.

Our second favorite part is when he inhales the bubble back into his nose 2 seconds later.

Anonymous said...

weird.... i actually had to suffer through that movie this week as well.... the husband thought i should watch the movie in an attempt to "bond" a little more.

ps - not all kids at nmh rode in a limo to school. chuck was afforded that privilege because his father was the youngest police chief in sunderland. oh, the perqs that come with that title.

Anonymous said...

If memory serves, Patrick Swayze also makes some splendid vocal non-word moan-things immediately prior to shooting his friend. Possible #3.

And does C. Thomas Howell get shot? That'd be a good 4th best part.