Sunday, June 24, 2007

Happy Sunday

My apologies for being off the grid for the past few days.

I spent a wonderfully random two nights on the front stoop and back stoop of my house with the lovely ladies of Apartment #1. They took part in the Beer of the Week (BOtW) Club on Tuesday and then we had an impromptu grilling evening on Thursday. First grill of the season. And this from a city kid, who never had a grill growing up. I also enjoy medium rare burgers, but somehow have more confidence when they're pink and I'm not cooking them.

This weekend brought great weather, and a trip to the library to pick up my latest book. I finished Brave New World, by Huxley. This seems like a book everyone else has read, but me. So I knocked that one off the list. It was at the library that I realized that they loaned CDs, which is a perfect way to build my collection. (Not that I would ever burn and keep music that wasn't mine, RIAA goons who no doubt troll the web for 13 year olds ripping Hillary Duff tracks)

On tap for this week, a new BOtW, a trip out to Western Mass that includes a hotel stay, and I'm sure some more grilling if the weather is nice.

Oh, and pictures from the Pitt trip should be up on the Flickr bar to the right.

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