Sunday, June 10, 2007

Weekend Recap

Greetings Sports Fans,

A weekend recap for you. The weekend consisted of two movies and a bonus. I started a good book and attended a baby shower. Let's get to it, shall we?

Movie #1: King Kong

This movie should have been called King Long. Get it? I'll wait..... (Tugs at collar)
It was over three hours, which probably qualifies as a short for Peter Jackson. I wonder if that guy only had access to Gandhi: Uncut and The Ten Commandments: The Directors Cut. Anyway, it starred Jack Black and Naomi Watts, who I currently have a crush on. The movie was fine. Visually stunning, blah blah blah. It was loooong. And I didn't really buy the whole "her loving the gorilla more than Adrien Brody" thing. It was cool with the surround sound, but did I mention it was over three hours? B -

Movie #2: This Film is Not Yet Rated

Now, this was a documentary produced by Red Envelope Entertainment, which is wholly owned by Netflix. This is cool, as I'm not sure the major studios would have paid for this film. The film discussed the MPAA rating system and how there is a panel of parents that select the rating for each film. The biggest issues is usually between NC-17 and R. The film shows that sex scenes involving a guy and a girl generally get an R, while gay scenes depicting the exact same acts get an NC-17 rating.

So the panel is totally kept secret, which many filmmakers think is unfair because they want to know who stands in judgement of their film. But Jack Valenti refused. (On a side note, this guy seemed like a total power-hungry fruitcake. God rest his nutjob soul.) So the director of TFINYR decides to hire a private investigator to "out" the reviewers. Delicious. Go see this movie. It should make you mad. Unless you're this guy, who is also a fruitcake. A-

Bonus Movie: Ice Spiders

If someone asked you what this movie, SS Doomtrooper, Chupacabra: Dark Seas, and Dead and Deader all had in common, what would you say? If you guessed they were all Sci-Fi Channel Original Movies, you would be right and also an insomniac. This movie starred the guy from Stormship Troopers as a washed up skier, and Vanessa Williams as a spider scientist. No, not that Vanessa Williams. This Vanessa Williams, apparently from Soul Food. So, I'd give this movie a C+, but it was indeed awful. But I'm a sucker for these films.

Baby Shower

So my brother and his lovely and pregnant wife flew in from Hong Kong for a baby shower. I drove down to the incredibly wealthy town of Pound Ridge, NY for the afternoon. It was nice. I didn't bring anything, and there was a bunch of kids there perhaps to teach my brother what it's going to be like. I wonder if they rented any of them for extra effect. I met a neat couple who are moving in together. Good luck kids. I pitched my " idea." I seriously think is has legs. They promised to check out the page, which should bring my hit count up to 3.

That was the weekend. Anything exciting happen to anybody else?


Anonymous said...

Thanks Sloth....glad they let you up for some air. Will try to get in touch if/when we make it up to Boston.

Hero to the Masses said...

Anytime. You kids have fun down there with those blue platers and don't start wearing your sweaters around your neck.

Anonymous said...

No worries on the sweaters...I'm more of a wife beater kind of guy.

Hero to the Masses said...

I think you should hyphenate wife-beater. Or maybe put it in quotes or something.

It sounds like something that could be taken out of context and derail election hopes.

Anonymous said...

is anything like