Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Your help is needed

So today via FedEx I got a package from my college. It wasn't a lawsuit for dorm damage. It was a photograph. I agreed to appear in the college's Report of Gifts and I went down there and they took an hour's worth of photos.

Hands in pockets, hands out.
Hat on, hat off
Arms at sides, arms crossed.
Smiling, not smiling
Pants up, pants down.

Well, all but the last one. And we finally went with hands in, hat on, arms crossed, smiling. And so the publication went out to all the alums and I'm in there with people that actually give money. One lady actually gave enough to light on of the athletic fields. Not sure how much that cost, but probably more than $45 a month, which is what yours truly gives.

So they just sent me a photo thanking me. And here is the question? What the hell do I do with a photo of myself? It's a decent photo, but it seems really odd to put up on the wall in my apartment. So I put this survey together for the three of you who read this. And if there are any suggestions outside these, just leave them in the comments.

I'm really curious.

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Anonymous said...

mail it to post-secret and write something hauntingly personal and confessional yet vaguely funny on it in a, "ahh, such is the melancholy tragedy of life..." sort of way.