Sunday, February 03, 2008

Is it safe?

So tonight the 18-0 Pats coughed up the big one to the Giants, and while I was rooting for the Pats tonight (Jets fan), I realized that this isn't a big deal. I know that's blasphemy to the guy from Quincy getting his large regular at Dunkin tomorrow morning, which perversely up here means cream instead of milk with sugar. But I think that given the past successes of the Sox and the Pats that this town has come to expect victories. And every once in awhile, when one gets too cocky, you need to be reminded of where you live. And that's Boston, the home for suffering sports fans. The perennial underdogs. This being on top stuff isn't really all that great.
Tomorrow morning I have my checkup at the dentist. And just like I did in 5th grade, I spent like 20 minutes brushing my teeth. As if somehow an extra 3 minutes the night before will make up for 5 months of general dental neglect and lack of flossing. I'm going to have to have the talk tomorrow about the mouth guard. Which even though a beautiful friend of mine admits to using one, seems like the last step in bachelor geekdom. But I guess I want to keep the chompers, right?


maikib said...

traitor. jets fan or not, you gotta root for the underdog (plus-- Eli Manning... amazing...).

I wear a night guard... teeth grinding is an ugly habit... or chomping, as i remember...

Anonymous said...

That's Right! 18-1, Go G-Men