Sunday, May 21, 2006

Boston ain't big enough....

********NEWS FLASH*********

My brother, Ross Campbell, is moving to Boston. Yup, you got that right. In less than a month, my 25 year old little brother will be working for some investment firm in the Hub. Yes he will be making more money than me. That kid will always make more money than me. I work for the government.

So stay tuned. I'm trying to get him out to Somerville. But something tells me this kid has Back Bay written all over him.

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Anonymous said...

Maybe the two of you can be the lady-killing tag team that I had originally hoped you and Steve would be, like the wild and crazy Czechoslovakians from Saturday night live.

Though the ladies dig on the financial services guys. You have to search harder for the ladies who can't get naked fast enough once they see your American Public Health Association membership card, but they usually hang around volunteering in clinics and shit.