Wednesday, May 31, 2006

I am not a cook...

So I hit the gym after work and on the way home was wondering what healthy thing I could eat. I remembered that I had some frozen ground turkey in the freezer. I decided to make turkey burgers.

When I got home, I noticed that the sell date was in mid February, leaving me to wonder how long turkey can stay frozen. So I defrosted my icy block of turkey and it was very watery. I wrung it out over the sink and made two decent sized patties. During grilling I noticed what I think was fat or some congealed substance spreading from the patties. Of course I ate them. They tasted fine. With some cheese and pickles and condiments.

However this leaves me to wonder if one day my ignorance in the kitchen will one day kill me or put me in the hospital.

My tummy is starting to hurt.


Anonymous said...

Freezing slows the growth of bacteria, it does not stop it, an important distinction.

You'll be fine though.

And why the hell do I have to sign up for a bunch of bullshit just to leave comments? This blog sucks.


Anonymous said...

this was a gross post. but the perdue website seems to suggest that poultry can be frozen for 6-9 months. so you're not going to die. the white stuff is just fat. and tom you don't have to sign up for anything so you can still enjoy the sucky blog. just be anonymous. -nicole

Hero to the Masses said...

You guys can all quit your whining. Someone call the Waaambulance.

Anonymous said...

OK SERIOUSLY. don't have a temper fit that i don't comment on your blog and then tell me to stop whining. i'm so tired of you and steve censoring my comments! jeez.

Anonymous said...

Actually freezing does stop the growth of bacteria, though if the turkey had gone bad before you froze it, it would still be bad when you thawed it. You'd smell it if it had gone bad.
If you are having stomach problems due to the turkey burgers, I'd guess it's more likely due to not cooking them all the way through (there's no such thing as a medium-rare turkey burger).
I for one commend you for the attempt. This is how we become better cooks.
So when are you coming to LA to make me turkey burgers? ~Tory