Monday, September 04, 2006

1 pound of worries

So apologies for the rapid-fire blogging but last week was really busy and I was away this weekend. However on Wednesday evening last week, my brother Ross and I took on the Godzilla burger at Eagle's Deli. The Godzilla is 2 half-pound patties and a pound of fries. You need to finish the whole thing in order to get your picture on the wall.

We came, we saw, we got very full. It was actually the fries that were the hardest, but we adopted the strategy of eating them at the same time as the burger, and not saving them for the end. Now, once they take the polaroid of this major life event, you get to make your own caption. This is a lot of pressure as there are hundreds of other photos with clever captions, and you want to be original. So I settled on this:
And let me tell you.....truer words never written. Sorry for the crappy photo. My brother's phone is not going to be used by the AP anytime soon I'm afraid.


Anonymous said...

Graham, do you have anything relevant to say here man?


Anonymous said...

Why are you holding your "brother's" belly so lovingly? Is that REALLY your brother?

Cause I've met your brother. And he wouldn't stand for so much bad touching in a polaroid.

Hero to the Masses said...

I snuck in the touch at the last minute. I felt holding my own belly to be a little cliched.

Nicole said...

It's really gay looking.