Sunday, September 17, 2006


So do you know what this week is?

If you guessed National USA Week, then you're right.

If now you're asking, "What the hell is that?" then you're in for a treat. It's National Unmarried and Single Americans week. They have a website, so it has to be legit.

And if you still doubt it, then feast your eyes on these luminaries who recognize it. Big ups to Haverhill, MA.

So congrats fellow singles. Now we have a whole 7 days to think about how alone we are. So alone.


Nicole said...

maybe their website can link to

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you guys finally got a week to revel in your utter loneliness. I was starting to feel guilty enjoying the year-round bliss of being married.

Maybe if you didn't spend so much time shoe-shopping and eating, you'd have that special someone by now.

Enjoy your week! Loser!

Hero to the Masses said...

No one likes a player hater.

No one Pedro.

Tory Davis said...

Well I'm not voting for Pedro.

You know, being single I go to a lot more parties and plays and shows than I did when I was coupled up. And I like knowing I won't come home to find the last brownie gobbled up.

The lack of booty is disheartening, though. sigh.

Anonymous said...

That's interesting Tory. As a married person, I find myself going to a lot more things I wouldn't were I single. Like museums, shows, events…that sort of stuff. Were I left to my own devices, I'd stay home and play video games…only occasionally crawling out of my apartment to find a woman in a bar or attend a friend's party in the hopes of finding a woman.

So yeah. You know what I don't miss about being single? Playing the game. Dating sucks.

Anonymous said...

dude, we even joined the museum, only to find out it was free on Sundays. we're even thinking of getting season tickets to one of the theaters, but we're going to use inapplicable student id's for the discount, so we still keep it ghetto.

though, as pedro says, left to my own devices I'd be drinking on my sofa watching tivo'd documentaries about war and nature. and samurai movies.

Tory Davis said...

Perhaps it's a gender thing. I agree, most guys left to their own devices stand a frightening chance of getting sucked into the PS2, never to return.
Or maybe it's just that my ex was a total homebody, so we stayed in (or had dinner and went home, snore) much more than I would have chosen.
Dating is not so bad though. I view it all as an adventure; it's interesting what people reveal (or do) when they're trying to lure you into bed. And I may be forced to declare 2006 The Year of the Stoner. (These guys just love me.) Fascinating.

Anonymous said...

See? That's what I'm talking about Tom. Seren and I are members of the Natural History Museum, the NY Opera AND the Botanical Gardens. Before I got married I think the closest I got to a membership was when I got the 10th stamp on my Subway sandwhich card.

I'm betting it is a gender thing. I've come to conclusion that women make men better. We'd live in a cultural wasteland full of war documentaries, video games and pr0n were it not for women.

Hero to the Masses said...

You talk about it like it's a bad thing.