Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Hump Day

Greetings all those out in Internet Land!

I survived my incredibly early morning on the Cape. It actually didn't take me that long, thanks to the shortcut through the Tunnel. Very clean and well-lit.

My Dad called and I was talking to him and he mentioned that a friend of his knows a guy who works doing similar stuff to what I do for the private sector. He mentioned that as a father, he wanted to make sure I was as well off financially as I could be and that I should be paid the money I deserve.

Okay, listen up. I don't do this job for the money. I certainly wasn't a cop for the money, even though I'm still not making what I made there with overtime. I do what I do so that I can lay my head down on the pillow and be okay with myself. So that I don't need to give obsessively to charity or find a way to make a difference in my senior years. I want to drink a lot and hang out with friends when I'm old. I figure if I help society now, I'll have earned that by 65 or whenever.

In fairness, the company is apparently a non-profit helping the developing world, which is cool. I'm fine right now where I am though. I really enjoyed teaching yesterday and I enjoy the looks on people's faces when they get it. Would I like a little more money? I guess. But I wouldn't know what to spend it on. To be honest, with the friends I have, I often feel like the richest man around. I know it's cheesy, but it's true.

Is this that hard to comprehend? Have a great Wednesday people.


Anonymous said...

Great outlook kid. . . You actually picked me up a bit today. Keep on trucking.

maikib said...

you're cool.