Sunday, January 21, 2007

Ahhh, Saturdays

So for those not in the Boston area, it was cold and windy today. Really windy. And I got to wake up and join my god-niece for brunch with my brother near Copley. That was fun, but cold. Elizabeth is a really wonderful girl who goes to school in New Haven, which is the way really horrible people say that they go to Yale. N.B.: Elizabeth would never say this, and is not a horrible person.

After that I was home watching some of Season 1 of Boomtown. This is a cop show that lasted for about 1.5 seasons. Ordinarily I don't like cop shows as they are unrealistic. This one takes some liberties for sure, but the cast is great. They also shoot the show from each individual character's perspective, which is neat. And the reporter character is cute., pictured right.

And then I went to a dinner for my friend Dave, who is going to the Left Coast for a 6-month internship. It was fun and I hung out with my friends Rene and Mike, who are an awesome couple that just bought a house in Dorchester. Chuck and Sara joined us at the bar afterwards. They were dressed to the nines and had come from Sara's work party. And while it was nice to not have someone that drags you to their social events, it made me think that I'd like to have someone to get really dressed up with and have a night out. Ah will happen. Apparently all my friends have lots of cute single friends. I'm not holding my breath.

Finally, this guy below is Boston. Sure, New York has the Kid from Brooklyn. But you won't find a guy like this in places like Phoenix or Tampa. God bless my drunken Irish friends.


Anonymous said...

1. what the hell is a god-niece?

2. i think i work with that guy in the video. actually, i work with 110 of those guys. man, he is the epitome of boston..... and every reason i hate bostonians!!!

go colts!!!

Hero to the Masses said...

Go Colts! Are you insane!

Saints all the way, you heartless bastard.

And God-niece is my Mom's God-daughter. Doesn't it make sense?

Nicole said...

wouldn't she be your god-sister in that case?

maikib said...

i had the same question about a god-niece... and was then going to comment that E would be your godsister... but smarter people beat me to the punch...

is that vomiting-in-the-back-of-your-car-and-missing-thanksgiving-david? west may very well be best.

and didn't you just, like, have a sig-o, like, two days ago? for someone who complains about never dating, you seem to date a lot.

(did you like the addition of like... it's the so-cal-valley/hawaii-surfer-talk rubbing off after spending so much time on the left coast in the last month... okay, maybe it's just the valley in me rearing it's ugly head...)

Tory Davis said...

I grow tired of the California bashing, you know, like, we don't, like all talk that way here. That's like, totally not accurate.
Anyway, I concur that god-niece is not an actual term.
PS I bet if you moved to LA you'd meet, like, lots more hot ladies. AND I bet there are more tubetop-wearers here than like, Boston.... Hell, even I own one. Never thought I'd see that day.
Think about it.