Monday, January 15, 2007

Thank God UPS doesn't love MLK.

So today my new coffeemaker arrived. My fabulous sister-in-law Carole got me a $100 gift certificate from Amazon for Christmas. So I took that and spent a few extra bucks on the Keurig B-70 coffeemaker. Many of these people have seen these at their office, but it essentially brews one cup at a time. I got the one that is able to brew travel size mugs, so I don't keep spending money at this place.

I also like that the water tank is lit with a blue LED when it's brewing. I was surprised that UPS delivers today. It's odd how this is a holiday because people have it off, but it's not supposed to be a "think about this special time" holiday. Otherwise the stores would be closed.

I've posted his last, and what I think is his best speech. His "Mountaintop" speech where he preaches that he doesn't care if he dies because he's been to the mountaintop. The graphics are cheesy, but just listen to this speech and tell me you don't feel chills when he gets to the "Mine eyes have seen the glory..." part.

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