Monday, July 30, 2007

Ahhh my second home

So I'm back. I actually got back last night, but the thought of writing about the trip seemed a bit overwhelming. It still does, to be honest. So I'm thinking of breaking this down into pieces.

The Trip Down

The trip down was long but uneventful. We were on American, which has this nifty thing called the Gold Challenge that I participated in. If you want status and you know you're going to fly on American a bunch in the next three months, it basically allows you to gain status with 5,000 miles instead of 25K. So I got status on my flight down, which is cool. The leg from Miami to Sao Paolo was on one of their new 777s, which was nice. It looks like this:
We rented a car to get back and forth to work in. It a manual and I guess that as I was the trip leader, I drove it. Lemme tell you something, driving in Asuncion in a stick shift is an experience.

Highlights of the trip included:
  • Getting the Hooters Asuncion T-shirt.
  • Working for 22 hours one day delivering food. Food in sacks that weighed about 100 pounds. Oh yeah ladies.....The beach is that way.
  • Going out at midnight, because it's the early bird special if you go out any earlier.
  • Hearing Dancing Queen blaring on the stereo with 4 guys in the car driving back to the hotel on that long, long day.
  • Speaking enough Spanish to be dangerous.
  • Enjoying a sunset so pretty it could make you cry.
  • Spending quality time with amazing people and feeling like you make a difference in this world.
And there's tons more. I'll try and post some of the photos to Flickr.

It wasn't all hard work. Here I am with three of my colleagues...Susie, Haidee, and Mimi. Building Bridges.....

More later.....


Anonymous said...

What a facial expression. What are they doing to you to make you look like that I wonder?

maikib said...

Haidee! That's my mom's name! (Even spelled the same). Cray-zee... never seen another Haidee before (of course, you already knew that)