Sunday, July 01, 2007

I owned an elliptical machine

For less than 24 hours.

My brother Ross came over this morning, with two different types of beverages so I knew he was hungover, and I quickly learned that not only would this thing probably not fit up my stairs, but I really don't have room for it. And sadly, I didn't notice that the homeless were much slimmer, so that plan failed as well. Back in the Explorer it went, and out to my friends at the Salvation Army. And by friends, I meant a giant loading dock in Saugus, MA.

I am a huge fan of this organization, and need to say that I've worked with the people on their disaster responder side and they've been nothing short of amazing. I'm also particularly fond of the way they do their job quietly and efficiently without all the fanfare. So I paid $200 and figure I'll get the write-off for the same amount, so we can call it a wash.

Other items of note from the weekend...

- Brad Paisley's new album 5th Gear is out now. I really love the whole thing. If you dabble in country, this is for you. His single "Online" is awesome and the video can be found here, starring Jason Alexander and William Shatner. But check out the album.

- Chuck came over and brought some fresh fruit, handpicked at his parent's farm. I'd give you the weblink, but it's apparently dead.

- Speaking of computer skills, got to see the most expensive powerpoint demonstration yesterday, when I finally watched An Inconvenient Truth. Really stark stuff. At times a little preachy by Gore about his personal life, but the movie was good. I wonder if I could hire him to help me with my powerpoint skills. That guy has some serious web-fu.


Anonymous said...

And here Endeth the Lesson. . . Smooth

The Ten Angry Men said...

By praising "Inconvenient Truth" in your posting, does that mean an angry and embittered Chuck will show up at your door this weekend and rescind his gift of fruit?

boyski said...

Al Gore was a tobacco farmer as well so I have to give him props for that and only that. In regards to rescinding the offer, naw, I don't think I can as graham looked like a crazed animal while he was gorging his mouth full of blueberries. There's no telling what he'd do if I tried to reclaim what was left of the strawberries this weekend. The B.P. cd is good huh? Great video and I'm sure it brought a couple tears to the eyes of a few of the ten angry men that watched music does that to city slickers out in the left coast I guess.