Friday, January 26, 2007

So at 2:06PM today, this pathetic little spot on the internets hit 5,000 hits. The person who did it was from somewhere in Middle America and was on the site for one second. I'm sure they were scared and couldn't wrap their small pea-brains around the enormity of this achievement and clicked away. Well, thank you small pea-brained (wo)man.

It's Friday and I'm about to head out to the B.C./BU hockey game. I'll bring the old camera and try and get some photos of me and Ross. Oh, and for those of you not from around here, the Explorer's thermometer was kind enough to tell me it was 9 degrees about an hour ago. Wha-Hoo!


Nic said...


Hero to the Masses said...

As in you are Lost?

Or you're watching the show "Lost"?

I'm very confused Nic.

Nic said...

haha, i am lost

...and i'm also a lost addict --- dilemma

Anonymous said...

the guardian angel hit girl has very asymmetric boobs.